WDHB: Building the Maori workforce

The goal of Whanganui DHB’s Māori workforce development programme is to build on the capacity of local Māori working in health through:

  • improving access to Māori health career information for rangatahi and whānau adults
  • working with the local secondary school leaders, advisors and teachers to improve Māori.

And participation in health and disability education training and careers as part of:

  • inspiring rangatahi at intermediate school level to be interested in health as a career
  • Work to increase the number of Māori rangatahi choosing science at secondary school level
  • providing information and profiling adult learning and support opportunities within health
  • contributing to increased recruitment and retention of Māori rangatahi studying at a tertiary level.

WDHB Māori Health Services (Te Hau Ranga Ora) has a team member dedicated to leading and coordinating our Māori workforce development programme.

Chrystal Hika

Whanganui DHB Haumoana Workforce Coordinator Chrystal Hika

“Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nōna te ngahere. Engari, ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga, nōna te ao.”

“The one who partakes of the flora and fauna, that will be their domain. The one who engages in education, opportunities are boundless.”

Parininihi ki Waitootara, Waitootara ki Taipake

Whakawhiti mai ra te awa o Whanganui

Anei nga rohe o ooku tupuna

Ko Chrystal Hika tooku ingoa.

I have been in this role since December 2016 however, have been part of Te Hau Ranga Ora, Maori Health Services at the WDHB since the services establishment.

My current role is to establish systems and processes to maintain proactive recruitment and retention of Māori staff here at the WDHB. Within the position I actively encourage and support local Maori rangatahi into hauora as a career choice. This is conducted through various avenues including kura/school visits, engagement with tauira/students and their whanau, networking with tertiary and education providers, career and workforce expos, summits, etc.

My role encourages Maori to pursue a career path in health, with an emphasis on whanau/ family-centered care for all ethnicities.

I invite all whanau to contact me with any queries regarding their potential future goals within the health industry and look forward to all challenges that may come way.