Hauora Māori Training and Support Funding

Hauora Māori Training Fund and Māori Support Fund

Applications are open for the Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) Hauora Māori Training Fund and Māori Support Fund.  

Applicants must be either working, volunteering or intending to work in the health sector and contribute to improved health outcomes for Māori.

The Hauora Māori Training supports the unregulated workforce to complete certificate, diploma and graduate diploma study at levels 3 -6.

The Māori Support Fund provides support for trainees to access mentoring, cultural supervision and cultural development activities that enhances personal, cultural and professional help. This fund is NOT for tuition fees.

Hauora Māori Training Fund

This funding covers students/applicants who are employed in areas funded via the DHB/Ministry of Health. These include, but are not exclusive to:

  • district health boards
  • primary healthcare organisations
  • non-government organisations
  • iwi providers
  • hospices
  • aged care facilities (such as private hospitals or residential care facilities).

You are eligible for the funding if:

  • you are Māori
  • you are completing an undergraduate certificate or diploma course that is NZQA registered levels 3 – 6
  • you work or volunteer in the health sector and the qualification supports Hauora Māori

Career development

  • you agree that information can be shared pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993


Note: Degrees and Masters levels papers are not supported by this funding, however and applicant studying at a level 7 paper will be considered and determined by HWNZ.


Funding available

Funding available for HWNZ Hauora Māori Training Fund is $5995 per applicant (GST excluded).  

This amount includes:

  • course tuition fees
  • travel subsidy for applicants who are required to travel further than 50km one way from the usual place of work to the agreed training programme location. If a vehicle or transport is provided for by the employer the applicant is not entitled to the travel subsidy
  • backfill to cover the cost (per hour) of releasing the applicant to attend compulsory course study days during their work hours. If the applicant/trainee is required to take annual leave or leave without pay as a study day the employer cannot claim backfill funding

An accomodation subsidy may be available for actual trainee costs for accomodation required at the agreed training programme location

A maximum of up to $500 is available for course related costs.


Closing date

Hauora Māori Training Fund is open till the end of Semester 2 (15 November 2021)

Māori Support Fund

Funding available is a maximum of $1200 per applicant (GST excluded).

Up to $200 can be used for course related costs.

Cultural development activities should be part of the support plan agreed to by the trainee and supervisor and can include:

  • Cultural resources
  • Membership to Māori Health professional organisations
  • Cultural activities including Kuia/Kaumātua, and peer support; and
  • Workshops or conferences that specifically relate to Māori Health

Māori Support funding is open to:

  • eligible trainees  enrolled in a Ministry funded training programme; and
  • Has whakapapa and cultural links to whānau, hapū and iwi
  • A support plan must be negotiated and agreed to between the Mentor, Cultural Supervisor and trainee
  • An applicant is not eligible if they receive scholarships or other funding that covers any of the same components (Mentoring, Cultural Supervision and Cultural Development)


Closing date

Māori Support Fund is open until 15 February 2021.

How to apply for funding

It is important that you complete all required fields in the application form along with attaching your CV and any other relevant documentation required.


Application form 


> Hauora Māori Training Fund application form 


Please use this application for the Hauora Māori Training Fund and the Māori Support Fund. 


All completed applications are to be forwarded to:


Kylee Osborne
Kaitakitaki, Māori Workforce Development
Te Hau Ranga Ora Māori Health Services
Whanganui District Health Board
Private Bag 3003
Whanganui 4500
(06) 3481234 ext 7219

Closing dates


Hauora Māori Training Fund is open till the end of Semester 2 (15 November 2021).

Māori Support Fund is open until 15 February 2021.


Before payments are made, the application and related documents must be approved and we will ned your confirmation of enrolment.

  • Tuition fees will be paid directly to the training provider on production by the applicant of their tax invoice.
  • Please ensure the the invoice is addressed to:

Whanganui District Health Board
100 Heads Road – Whanganui
Attn: Kylee Osborne (Hauora Māori Training Fund)

And that the applicant’s name, course of study and fee costs is included in the invoice. 

  • Travel, accomodation and course related costs will be paid directly to applicants manager/employer on receipt of a tax invoice
  • Backfill costs will be paid directly to applicants manager on receipt of a tax invoice
  • If applying for Māori Support Fund Supervisors details and a support plan are required
  • Payments for Māori Support Fund will be paid direct to Supervisor/Mentor upon receipt of tax invoice