Sexual Health Promotion

Sexual Health promotion aims to promote positive sexual and reproductive health and responsible sexual behaviour.

TColourful condomshese goals are intended to help minimise the incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy throughout Whanganui by:

  • reducing incidence and impacts of STIs
  • reducing stigma and discrimination
  • improve reproductive health status
  • increase awareness of information promoting sexual health and wellbeing
  • increased access and uptake of resources and shared learning.

The WDHB's sexual health promoter, based in the Public Health Centre, is able to provide advice to colleagues and community organisations on effective health promotion programmes which includes policy work, community action and community development, health education and advocacy.


  • assistance and support to those developing their own sexuality programmes and initiatives
  • promote up and coming training for health professionals and trainees.
  • assistance with school and workplace policies on issues such as HIV/AIDS, communicable disease, sexuality education, sexual and reproductive health.

There are a number of other agencies and groups with an involvement or interest in sexual and reproductive health. These include the Whanganui Sexual Health Network, New Zealand Sexual Health Society (NZSHS) and PASHANZ (Promoters Advocating Sexual Health Aotearoa New Zealand).

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For more information contact the WDHB’s Public Health Centre on 06 348 1775.