PSA Allied, Public Health and Technical proposed industrial action


Friday 13 May 2022


PSA Allied, Public Health and Technical health workers at Whanganui DHB have been involved with industrial action over the period Monday 9 May 2022 to 20 May 2022.  This has included a one week work to rule, which involves staff ensuring they kept strict work hours and breaks.


Resolution and negotiations have not been successful and there will be a full withdrawal of labour from 11.59pm Sunday 15 May to 11.59pm Monday 16 May 2022 and will conclude with a second week of work to rule.


The 20 DHBs have been negotiating the PSA Public Health and Technical MECA (PSA PHT) including Alcohol and other drugs clinicians, Therapy Assistants, Anaesthetic Technicians, Audiologists, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Therapists, Dietetics, Family Violence Clinicians, Haumoana Navigators and cultural support, Dental Assistants, Dental Technicians, Health Promotion Advisors, Hearing/Vision Technicians, Sterile Services Technicians, Social Workers and Physiotherapists since September 2020. 


The groups covered by this agreement are a highly valuable part of the health workforce.  DHBs will continue to work with the union to try and find a settlement and avoid the threatened strike. 


What will this mean for our patients and public?


The DHB and the PSA have been working to ensure emergency and acute services continue during the strike and anyone who needs urgent treatment should come to the hospital.


During full withdrawal services, there is anticipated cancellation of some non-urgent surgeries, School dental clinics, outpatient appointments for Audiology and Therapies and Alcohol and Other Drug clinics for Community Mental Health.  Maternal Infant Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (MiCAMHS) will have a reduction in outpatient services and the Hospital pharmacy will process urgent requests only.  Vaccination clinics will remain open.


Anyone affected has been advised and new times rescheduled. 



Visiting Whanganui Hospital during the ORANGE traffic light


When you arrive at the entrance you will be asked to:


If you are presenting as a patient, we will undertake precautionary measures, all of which will be explained throughout your patient journey but you will be seen.


Visitors with acute respiratory symptoms such as cough, cold and flu symptoms, sore throat and runny nose or have abdominal pain or diarrhoea or a close household contact with a current COVID-19 case must not attend unless prior arrangements have been made. You will be declined entry if this is the case.


You will not be asked to provide a vaccine passport within a clinical setting.


There is a requirement for booked surgical procedures and surgeries to have a COVID-19 test 48 hours prior to arrival. Not having completed this may result in your surgery or surgical procedure being postponed.


We will rely on the advice of your treating health team in these cases. The effects of COVID-19 on an individuals recovery has warranted a cautious approach which may include deferring surgeries, unless urgent, until the person is no longer infected with COVID-19.


There is no need to have a COVID-19 test before getting an x-ray, blood test or a consultation with a health professional.


Thank you for supporting our WDHB staff so they can deliver the healthcare you require. Together, we will ensure our hospital is safe and functioning for all needs.






End of week COVID-19 snapshot for WDHB



Friday 20 May 2022


Kia ora,


Each week on a Friday Whanganui DHB provides a snapshot of the current COVID-19 situation without our region.


Those who would like to stay updated on a daily basis of the COVID-19 situation will be able to find daily case information on the Ministry of Health website.


We have seen a rise in new cases in our region, this is a timely reminder to continue to practice the basics: good hygiene, wash your hands, wear your mask and if you are unwell, please contact your GP or visit your local testing provider. A list of these is available via link on our website.


There are 76* new COVID-19 cases confirmed in the Whanganui district today.


We have 57 confirmed cases in Whanganui, 6 new confirmed cases in Ruapehu and 13 new confirmed cases in Rangitikei.


Since yesterday Whanganui rohe has 57 recovered cases.


The Whanganui district has a total of 636 active cases.



We have had 13,902 cases in the Whanganui region to date.





Today there are 39* new confirmed cases in South Taranaki (border is Patea River), with a current total of 327 active cases.


Since yesterday, South Taranaki has 48 recovered cases.


The iwi and Whanganui DHB relationships cross traditionally designated district/rohe boundaries. While we have removed South Taranaki case numbers from our daily total, we will continue to report them going forward.


*Please note there can be a difference between numbers the WDHB reports and the Ministry of Health numbers due to reporting and publishing times.


If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, including a runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing or a sore throat, we advise you to please isolate and arrange to be tested.


Call Healthline 0800 358 5453 if you have any concerns or questions.


You can find clinic details for vaccination, locations for RAT test distribution and testing – including clinic details for Waka Hauora (health bus), which is doing mobile clinics in our rohe, at the following sites online:  and





Waka Hauora (the health bus), donated by the Bartley Foundation, is distributing Rapid Antigen Testing (RATs) around our rohe to people with:


  • Covid-19 symptoms
  • Household contacts of those with Covid-19.


Please request RATs before visiting the bus by going to


You will be given an order number via text to give to our team.


If you don’t have internet access, the Waka Hauora team will still be able to give you RATs if you have symptoms or are household contact but requesting them online, if you can, makes the process easier.


Please check the schedule for urban Whanganui. This alternates location on Sundays.




9am to 12pm - Criterion Street next to Te Matapihi



1pm to 3pm - in layby at tennis courts




8.30am to 12pm - Waverley Community Hall




1pm to 3.30pm – beach carpark by the surf club





9.30am to 11.30am - Ruapehu District Council carpark – 37 Ayr Street



12.30pm to 2.30pm - Tangiwai Memorial, SH49






10am to 12.30pm - Community Hall, 25 Queree Drive



2pm to 3.30pm - Queens Park – grass area off Pourewa Rd





Sunday 8 May 


9am to 12pm - Williams Domain off Tinirau Street



1pm to 3.30pm - Ratana Pa


Sunday 15 May


9am to 12pm - Shopping centre, Somme Parade



1pm to 3.30pm - Ratana Pa


Sunday 22 May


9am to 12pm - 43 Carson Street



1pm to 3.30pm - Ratana Pa


Sunday 29 May


9am to 12pm - Williams Domain off Tinirau Street



1pm to 3.30pm - Ratana Pa


Sunday 5 June


9am to 12pm - Shopping Centre - Somme Parade



1pm to 3.30pm - Ratana Pa


Sunday 12 June


9am to 12pm - 43 Carson Street



1pm to 3.30pm - Ratana Pa


Sunday 19 June


9am to 12pm - Williams Domain off Tinirau Street



1pm to 3.30pm - Ratana Pa


Sunday 26 June


9am to 12pm - Shopping Centre - Somme Parade



1pm to 3.30pm - Ratana Pa